The Project

Over an 18-month period from September 2018, students from University of Gloucestershire’s Media School and Health and Social Care in association with Age UK Gloucestershire have been working on a project called Veterans’ Voices.  Part of a national MOD funded project called ‘Joining Forces’, this local venture enabled young and old to talk to each other, working together to make the original eight short digital stories on this site.

Our Mission

Different to a filmed interview or video, a digital story is a short piece of media with a recorded voice and still photographs. Over the course of seven events, at Gloucestershire Soldiers’ Museum, Age UK Gloucestershire and the University of Gloucestershire, veterans worked with students to choose a story they wanted to share, recording it and then editing it. 

Old photographs, army call up letters, vaccination certificates and medals were dug up from drawers and attics, brought along and the group of veterans worked on their scripts for telling the story of their time in the armed forces. 

The Team

The website has been built by Abil Gunawan and Jack Curtis, second year students of Media Production at The University of Gloucestershire, to whom our thanks go. 

Thanks to Helen Atkinson, Chris Walker and Emlyn Phenah at Age UK Gloucestershire. 

Thanks too to Angeline Xuan, Jack Reese, Lewis Ingham for editing, Louise de Freitas for interviewing, Julia Hayball for all things related to sound, and to Jeremy Clifton-Gould for saving the day on many an occasion.